Why Should You Use Artificial Silk Plants?


Plants, whether all-natural or artificial, delivers a strong sense of peace and tranquility. The presence of greenery in both indoor and outdoor settings provides that much-needed relaxed atmosphere. In addition, greenery also establishes a warm and inviting space inside the home. Artificial silk plants when used in combination with live plants are a great idea. It is impossible to tell them apart, thus making it a practical interior decorating solution for those on tight budget.

One of the main advantages of using artificial silk plants is that they are 100% pest free! Some fresh plant varieties are plagued with pest and insect infestations such as scale insects, spider mites, mealybugs, and fungus nats to name a few. All of these pests are known to ravage live plants. Leaves and soli provide nutrition to support pests. With the use of artificial plants, there is no food supply for pests, thus you don’t have to deal with having to manage pest and insect infestation altogether.

Artificial silk plants are virtually low maintenance. They do not require the usual things that live plants require to survive such as water, sunlight, and fertilizer. In essence, there are no special feeding requirements for silk plants, but the occasional dusting every now and then. For instance, drafty and dark areas may not be ideal for a live palm tree. On the other hand, cold weather and low light levels are not perceived as problems if you decide to buy an artificial silk palm tree instead. Live plants continue to grow over time, meaning it may at one point in time, outgrow its space.

There are also similarities between live and silk plants. For one, artificial silk plants also need some pruning and shaping to maintain their aethestic. In addition, artificial plants maintain their original state, shape, and size for many years without any maintenance. You may also customize artificial silk plants based on your home or office interior design and decoration, thus making them an ideal option over fresh, live plants.

Lastly, artificial plants do not cause any allergic reaction, thus they are perfect among people who have sensitivities to pollen. Also, did you know that Lifecell anti aging cream uses silk plant residue to increase your skin’s resistance to harmful bacteria? Rest assured that you get to enjoy the visual aesthetic as well as the relaxing feel of plants without hassle and without having to deal with other problems usually associated with growing live plants at home.